jooay ambassador

We are looking for Jooay Ambassadors in NS, NB and PEI!

The Jooay App was launched in Spring 2015 to overcome the lack of access to information about inclusive leisure and create an online community of support through a mobile-health solution. This free mobile and web-based App is available for iPhone and Android and currently lists more than 1,200 adapted leisure activities in all provinces across Canada! Jooay is also an App where parents, youth and other users can exchange information, rate and comments on activities, creating a community bound by a passion for leisure!

Jooay Ambassadors are individuals who are knowledgeable about local adapted resources and activities and have an established network relating to health promotion and leisure participation of children and youth with disabilities. The Ambassadors are passionate, resourceful and dynamic! We are currently looking for Ambassadors in Nova Scotia New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

The Responsibilities are:

  1. Identify and update adapted leisure activities available in the region;
  2. Disseminate information about the Jooay App and adapted leisure to community organizations serving children with disabilities and families;
  3. Actively help promoting participation for children with disabilities.

The Jooay Ambassador would be expected to dedicate 10 hours/month to his/her ambassador role. Ambassadors will be compensated on an hourly basis. Hours are subject to change on a month-to-month basis and will be discussed with the Principal Investigator of the project.

Be a local champion for Jooay and children with disabilities!

Send a letter of intent describing your experience and commitment to adapted leisure for children and youth with disabilities.

To submit your application or get more information about becoming a Jooay ambassador,

please contact us at: