What is Jooay?

Jooay is a free app that helps children with disabilities and their families to locate leisure opportunities that are: close to where they are, accessible, suit their needs and abilities, match their preferences, can help them develop and participate in society. Jooay is also a community, to help parents, rehabilitation professionals, educators and community to connect, exchange, and learn from each other.

The Jooay App was developed at McGill University by Dr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas and Dr. Annette Majnemer, occupational therapists and childhood disability researchers, in close collaboration with parents, rehabilitation professionals, policymakers, youth , physical educators and community partners.


Participation in leisure is crucial for both healthy development and quality of life. This is a right of all children as stated by the United Nations convention on the rights of children.


There are fewer opportunities for adaptive leisure and inclusive activities. Parents and youth don’t know how or where to find this information.

Ways to Get Involved

Jooay is a growing community – you can suggest new activities that you know of and are not listed, you can flag activities that are no longer offered, or flag information that might be outdated. If you are an organization offering leisure activities for children with disabilities you can also send us and we will add it upon review. Meet a Jooay ambassador in your province, or become a Jooay ambassador!

Meet the Canadian Jooay Team

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Keiko Shikako-Thomas, McGill University

Principal Co-Investigateur:
Dr. Annette Majnemer, McGill University

Jooay Central Team:

Mehrnoosh Mohaved- Research Coordinator

Ishana Rue- Research Assistant

Paul Yejong Yoo- PhD student, Occupational Therapy

Janet McCabe
Michelle McClure
Sarah MacEachern
Lesley Wiart
Joanne Charron
Stephanie Glegg
Marla Cable
Emma Steven
Melanie Bergthorson
Tiiu Poldma
Helene Louise
Nick Katalifos
Robert Simpson
Linda Martin

Carlos Denner

Meet the Australian Jooay Team

Information will be available soon!

Contact the Jooay team for more information!
Jooay email: jooay@childhooddisability.ca

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Meet the Jooay Ambassadors

The Jooay ambassadors are provincial representatives who know the communities where they live and are open to talk, exchange, and add provincial resources and activities to the growing Jooay database of activities. If you live in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, or Ontario please contact our local ambassadors to exchange and learn about leisure activities happening in your province!


Dave Sora, Ontario
Leader and coach

Mindy Tucker, Manitoba
Youth with a disability, Advocate

Vincent Lefebvre, Quebec
Altergo-Community organization

Julie Brocklehurst, Newfoundland

Sarah Streisel, Saskatchewan
Student, Recreational Therapy

Linda Martin, Saskatchewan
Professor, Therapeutic Recreation


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