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Ça me regarde – AmiTélé : Dr. Keiko Shikako a parlé à propos de Jooay lors de son entrevue avec AMI télé! March 23, 2024
IRSC: Favoriser l’accessibilité : l’application Jooay aide les familles à trouver des jeux inclusifs pour les enfants handicapés et à se rapprocher de leur collectivité
Jooay a été mis en vedette par l’Association canadienne de santé publique. January 25, 2019

Montreal Diary: New app helps disabled kids ‘Jooay’, Montreal Gazette, March 19, 2015
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Canal M: Au Signal. Kéven Breton interviewe Keiko Shikako-Thomas & Valérie Grand’Maison. June 15, 2018
Rick Hansen Foundation: Go play with Jooay

Global Goodness – Handic’app : Jooay is a free mobile app that connects young people with disabilities to leisure activities. April 21, 2016
Help us improve Jooay! What is Jooay? Jooay is a free mobile app that helps youth with disabilities and their families locate adapted and accessible leisure activities in their neighbourhoods. What is the aim of the study? We want to find out what fun features we should add to the application. who can take part in this project? Youth with disabilities (14 to 24 years old) ; Parents of children and youth with disabilities ; clinicians and educators ; community organization representatives. The process (100% online) : Individual interview (30 to 60 minutes). AND/OR : Focus group (one and a half to 2 hours) and complete a form with some information about you. Compensation offered as a result of your participation! Thank you! To find out more, please contact us at :